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  1. One of the benefits of the new model is that it is easier____ than the old one.

  A. operating B. to be operated C. to operate D. operated

  【答案】C 在有些be+adj+不定式的情况下,动词不定式的主动形式表示被动;这些形容词一般为easy, hard difficult, important, interesting, heavy, pleasant, comfortable, sage等。此时动词不定式中的动词为及物动词。

  2. _____, we decided to leave at once, as we didn’t want to risk missing the bus. (

  A. As it being pretty late

  B. It being pretty late

  C. It was being pretty late

  D. Being pretty late

  【答案】B 此题考查非谓语动词的用法。本句为现在分词短语做原因状语,分词的主语和句子的主语不一致,因此B为正确答案。本句的意思是:“已经很晚了,我们决定立刻离开,因为我们不想误车。”选项A中的as应连接从句。

  3. Having no money but ____ to know, he simply said he would go without dinner.

  A. not to want anyone B. wanted no one

  C. not wanting anyone D. to want no one

  【答案】C。本题考查的是现在分词表原因,变否定形式直接在ing之前加not。he与want 之间是主动关系,排除B。Have no money与want没有先后顺序,所以排除不定式。本句意思是:因为没钱,又不认识别人,他只说自己不吃晚饭也行。

  4. The magnificent museum is said ___ about a hundred years ago.

  A. to be built B. to have been built C. to have built D. to have being built

  【答案】B。build与前面的museum为被动关系,所以用被动形式,C和D项排除;由句意“据说,这座宏伟的博物馆建成于大约100年前”可知,动词build表示的时已经发生的动作,故用不定式的完成被动形式。be said to:据说……。

  5. “Good-bye, Mr. Wang. I’m pleased ___ you.”

  A. to meet B. meeting C. to have been meeting D. to be met

  【答案】B 在告别时,应该说“I’m pleased meeting you.或I’m pleased to have met you.很高兴(已经)见到你。其中I’m pleased to have met you.更常见,两种形式同为备选项时,优先选择完成形式。在见面时则应该说I’m please to meet you.很高兴(要)见到你。另外固定搭配be pleased with sth: “对……感到满意”。

  6. We hurried to the station ______ find ourselves three hours earlier for the train.

  A. only to B. in order to C. so as to D. such as to

  【答案】A 这句话的意思是我们赶到车站发现我们早到了三个小时,in order to 和so as to都表示为了,such as to不符合语法规范,B, C, D都可以排除。

  7. “Do you like to ride on the old bus to school?” “Yes, I prefer it ___.”

  A. to walk B. to walking C. walking D. having walked

  【答案】B。prefer A to B:更愿意做A相比较B而言,to是介词,后面接名词或动名词,所以选B项。

  8. I am very sorry for ___ for so long.

  A. keep you waiting B. having kept you waiting

  C. waiting for you D. keep you wait

  【答案】B。介词后面要跟动名词做宾语,当动名词的动作在谓语动词所表示的动作之前发生时,要用动名词的完成式。Thank you for having helped me so much.感谢你给了我这么多的帮助。

  9. The middle-aged man was seen ___ out of the house on the afternoon of the murder.

  A. came B. come C. to come D. have come

  【答案】C。感官动词feel,hear,see,watch等后面接宾补的时候,要用无to不定式。但如果句子是主语的补足语的话,要加上to。A thief was seen to steal something from the room.一个小偷被看见从屋子里偷了东西。

  10. The ability ___ is very important for any speaker.

  A. to hear clearly B. to be clearly heard

  C. to hearing clearly D. to being clearly heard

  【答案】B 从句意可知,对演讲者来说重要的是“让别人清楚地听到自己地讲话,即让自己被听见”;speaker作hear的逻辑宾语,所以用不定式的被动语态形式;D项不是正确的表达方法。

  11. You ought to know better than ____ yourself in unnecessary expense.

  A. to involve B. involve C. involving D. involved

  【答案】A 本题考察的是固定搭配. know better than to do sth. “不至于蠢到” 句意是“你应该不至于蠢到使自己陷入不必要的损失里吧!”

  12. There is so much work _____ today. Would you be kind enough to lend me a hand?

  A. having done B. to be done C. being done D. will be done


  13. Tom said that he wouldn’t mind__________.

  A. to wait for us B. waiting for us

  C. wait for us D. for waiting us

  【答案】B mind作介意讲后面接动名词,排除A,C.但mind是及物动词,不用介词,故排除D.答案选B.句意是“汤姆说他不介意等我.”

  14. I enjoy playing basketball and then _______.

  A. taking a bath B to take a bath C. take a bath D took a bath

  【答案】A 由and连接的并列句,前后应保持一致,enjoy的宾语用的是动名词形式,同样and 后的宾语也要用动名词形式.故选A. 句意是“我喜欢打篮球,然后洗个澡.”

  15. The famous novel is said ___ into Chinese.

  A. to have translated B. to be translate

  C. to have been translated D. to translate

  【答案】C。本句是动词不定式的完成、被动式。当不定式的逻辑主语是不定式表示的动作的对象时(或是动作的承受者时),不定式一般要用被动式。不定式的完成式所表示的动作发生在谓语动作或状态之前。如:He is not likely to have been told the result.这个结果可能还没有告诉他。

  16. Helen apologized for ____ to attend the party.

  A. her not being able B. her being not able C. her to be not able D. her not to be able

  【答案】A 本题考察的是动名词的否定式. apologized for … 表示“为某事道歉”for是介词,后面应该接动名词(复合结构),故排除C,D.动名词的否定形式是在动名词前加 not,故选 A. 句意是“海伦为她没能去参加晚会而道歉.”

  17._______ a teacher, one must first be a pupil.

  A. Being B. Having been C. To be D. To have been

  【答案】 C 这句话强调的是目的 to就表示目的,意思是要想成为一名老师,首先必须是一个学生。A选项表示已经是一位老师。

  18.They all returned to the village ___ that the danger was over.

  A. convincing B. convinced C. to convince D. having convinced

  【答案】B convinced that…=they were convinced that….“他们确信”省略了they were . 过去分词一般修饰人,意为 “被…的”, 现在分词一般修饰物,意为 “令人…的”,所以要用过去分词. 句意是“他们回到村庄,确信危险已经结束了.”

  19. She apologized for ____ to attend the meeting.

  A. her being not able B. her to be not able

  C. her not to be able D. her not being able

  【答案】D.此为固定语序,sb.’s not doing sth., not放于doing之前。此外还有固定用法apologize to sb. for doing


  20. ___ anything about the accident, he went to work as well.

  A. Not know B. Know not C. Knowing not D. Not knowing


  21. Don’t forget ___ the window before leaving the room.

  A. to have closed B. to close C. having closed D. closing

  【答案】B。forget+动词不定式作宾语表示动作尚未发生。I am afraid I will forget to give the letter to him.我担心我会忘了把这封信交给他。(动词不定式表示一个发生在forget 之后的一个将来的动作。)forget +动名词作宾语,表示动作已经发生。I forget giving the letter to him.我忘了已经把信给他了。(动名词表示一个发生在forget之前的动作。)类似的动词有remember,regret等。本句的意思是“走的时候别忘了关窗户。”动作还没有发生,因此用动词不定式。

  22. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only _____ the film stars had left.

  A. to tell B. to be told C. telling D. told

  【答案】B。考察不定式作结果状语的用法。The news reporters 是动作的受动者,所以用被动语态。因此选择B。

  23. ____ tired, after a hard work, she fell into bed and went straight to sleep.

  A. Felt B. Feeling C. Being felt D. To feel


  24. So many representatives _______ , the conference had to be put off.

  A. were absent B. to be absent C. being absent D. had been absent

  【答案】C 本题考查分词做原因状语。缺席,“be absent”在独立主格结构中,用分词结构表达“being absent”,或者省略be。

  25. We should do as much as we can _____our country better and more beautiful.

  A. make B. to make C. makes D. making


  26. The plane crashed, its bombs ___ as it hit the ground.

  A. exploded B. were exploded C. exploding D. were exploding

  【答案】C 此句前后两部分没有and连接,不是一个并列句,横线处不能填做谓语的动词;its bombs___ as it hit the ground.为独立主格结构,逻辑主语是its bombs:炸弹,可以发出炸弹的动作,故用explore的现在分词:exploding表主动;过去分词:exploded表被动;as it hit the ground:当它(飞机)撞地面的时候,作独立主格结构中的时间状语从句。

  27._____, he’ll make a first-class tennis player.

  A. Giving time B. To give time C. Given time D. Being given time

  【答案】C。考查非谓语。只要有时间,他就能够成为一流的网球选手。首先he和give time之间是被动关系,因此排除A、B。再有“给时间”和“成为一个优秀的网球选手”之间的关系是先给时间,再成为网球选手,而不是一边给时间,一边成为网球选手,因此排除D。

  28. Encouragement through praise is the most effective method of getting people ______ their best.

  A. do B to do C doing D done

  【答案】B get sb. to do sth.“让某人做某事”是固定结构.句意是“通过赞扬来鼓励是让学生努力学习的最有效的办法.”

  29.The interviewer should take down notes at the moment the person ___ answers the questions.

  A. to be interviewed B. interviewing C. being interviewed D. interviewed

  【答案】C 本题考查的是分词作状语。the person和interview是被动关系,并强调和前一动作“take down notes”同时进行,所以选C。

  30. There was so much noise that the speaker couldn't make himself __

  A. hearing B. being heard C. to hear D. heard

  【答案】D make oneself heard“是自己被听到”,oneself 与hear之间式被动关系,“被听到”。

  31. With the flowers ___everywhere, the park looks beautiful.

  A. to bloom B. blooming C. be blooming D. to be blooming

  【答案】B 本句测试with介词短语引导的分词独立主格。with后面接复合宾语。因为宾语the flowers和宾语补足语之间是逻辑的主动关系。因此用现在分词。因此B为正确答案。本句的意思是:“到处鲜花盛开,公园非常美丽。”

  32. “Car 17 won the race.”“Yes, but its driver came close to ___ killed.”

  A. being B. having been C. be D. have been

  【答案】A。本题考查固定搭配及非谓语的时态。came close to doing是固定搭配。而being killed和won之间无先后顺序。

  33. I hope you don’t mind me __ you sir, but is there much money involved in the will?

  A. asking B. to ask C. ask D. that I ask

  【答案】A 本题考察的是固定搭配, mind sb. doing sth. “介意某人做某事”.这样只能接动名词的动词还有 “admit, excuse, forbid, delay, deny, enjoy, miss, permit等. 句意是“先生,希望你别介意我问你,是否遗嘱里有很多钱?”

  34. He changed his name, _____ that nobody would find out what he had done before.

  A. having thought B. to think C. thinks D. thinking


  35. I spent half an hour ___ this difficult math problem.

  A. having worked on B. to work on

  C. on work D. working on

  【答案】D。spend(some time ,some money) in doing sth(on sth),因此选D。He spent his life writing the book.他花一生的时间写这本书。He spends more time on sports than on studies. 他花在体育运动上的时间比花在学习上的时间多。




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